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Quick City Info for North Springfield, Vermont

Census Data and Population Statistics for North Springfield, Vermont

Households Per Zip code374households
White Population824people
Black Population2people
Hispanic Population9people
Asian Population4people
Hawaiian Population1people
Indian Population10people
Male Population385people
Female Population446people
Persons Per Household2people
Average House Value83,700U.S. dollars
Income Per Household35,938U.S. dollars
Median Age48years
Median Age Male47years
Median Age Female49years
CBSA Pop 2003174,724people
Population Estimate592people
Population Under 543people
Population 5 to 940people
Population 10 to 1441people
Population 15 to 1933people
Population 20 to 2438people
Population 25 to 2946people
Population 30 to 3440people
Population 35 to 3938people
Population 40 to 4448people
Population 45 to 4969people
Population 50 to 5479people
Population 55 to 5957people
Population 60 to 6467people
Population 65 to 6952people
Population 70 to 7449people
Population 75 to 7928people
Population 80 to 8431people
Population 85 Plus32people
Population Median48people
Population 16 Plus698people
Population 18 Plus687people
Population 21 Plus668people
Population 62 Plus234people
Population 65 Plus192people
Population Male385people
Population Male Under 520people
Population Male 5 to 916people
Population Male 10 to 1418people
Population Male 15 to 1917people
Population Male 20 to 2419people
Population Male 25 to 2924people
Population Male 30 to 3426people
Population Male 35 to 3918people
Population Male 40 to 4418people
Population Male 45 to 4932people
Population Male 50 to 5440people
Population Male 55 to 5931people
Population Male 60 to 6428people
Population Male 65 to 6923people
Population Male 70 to 7421people
Population Male 75 to 799people
Population Male 80 to 8412people
Population Male 85 Plus13people
Population Male Median47people
Population Male 16 Plus328people
Population Male 18 Plus322people
Population Male 21 Plus310people
Population Male 62 Plus94people
Population Male 65 Plus78people
Population Female446people
Population Female Under 523people
Population Female 5 to 924people
Population Female 10 to 1423people
Population Female 15 to 1916people
Population Female 20 to 2419people
Population Female 25 to 2922people
Population Female 30 to 3414people
Population Female 35 to 3920people
Population Female 40 to 4430people
Population Female 45 to 4937people
Population Female 50 to 5439people
Population Female 55 to 5926people
Population Female 60 to 6439people
Population Female 65 to 6929people
Population Female 70 to 7428people
Population Female 75 to 7919people
Population Female 80 to 8419people
Population Female 85 Plus19people
Population Female Median49people
Population Female 16 Plus370people
Population Female 18 Plus365people
Population Female 21 Plus358people
Population Female 62 Plus140people
Population Female 65 Plus114people
Population Race White824people
Population Race Black2people
Population Race American Indian10people
Population Race Asian4people
Population Race Hawaiian1people
Population Race Hispanic9people
Average Household Size2people
Average Family Size3people
Total Households374households
Family Households236households
Family Households With Children Under 1879households
Family Households HusbandWife Family187households
Family Households HusbandWife Family Children Under 1856households
Family Households Male No Wife19households
Family Households Male No Wife Children Under 1812households
Family Household Female No Husband30households
Family Household Female No Husband Children Under 1811households
Non Family Households138households
Non Family Households Living Alone119households
Non Family Households Living Alone Male42households
Non Family Households Living Alone Male 65 Plus22households
Non Family Households Living Alone Female77households
Non Family Households Living Alone Female 65 Plus46households
Households With Individuals Under 1885households
Households With Individuals 65 Plus135households
Total Housing Units416houses
Occupied Housing Units374houses
Vacant Housing Units42houses
Vacant Housing Units For Rent7houses
Vacant Housing Units For Sale5houses
Vacant Housing Units Sold Not Occupied2houses
Vacant Housing Units For Seasonal Occasional Use20houses
Vacant Housing Units All Other Vacants8houses

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Home > Vermont > North Springfield > Census Data and Population Statistics for North Springfield, Vermont